Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 3

I made it through my first chemo cycle. I checked in to the hospital last Thursday and returned home Easter Sunday. I had a private room with a tv. I tried to stay busy during the day with work and walking the halls. Julie and the kids visited for dinner and a movie at night.

In preparation for daily chemo, I was given about 8 pills one hour before treatment to minimize the nausea. The chemo treatments took about 2.5 hours each day and were delivered intravenously.

The nursing staff at OHSU is great. I didn’t have nausea but I did get indigestion from the treatments. They gave me yogurt to help with indigestion. After returning home, I felt tired and didn't have much energy. I started feeling like myself again by Wednesday.

I am very thankful for all the support.


  1. Mike when Rhea first revealed to me your dx of
    cancer I was "out of sorts", in disbelief, and honestly felt short changed cause it really has been a super fun event to have you and the family visit us in north idaho every summer...selfish of me I know. But Jeannie really said it all. You are so remarkable and it seems as if whatever you embrace family, friends, your yard, work, school, home, a converstaion it is with unveiled enthusiasm and honesty. Thanks for that! You're an inspiration to all of you, Crystal

  2. Hi Mike,
    Isn't it beautiful up there on the hill in those brightly lit rooms?! Makes getting chemo not as bad. I'm glad you got the nausea drugs...they do wonders. Hope those nurses are treating you well and your journey is moving quickly. Eventually it's just be a long lost memory.

  3. My experiences a few years ago (prostate cancer, Class of '04) up at OHSU were extremely positive. The nursing staff was excellent, although one of them seemed a little sadistic, always wanting to poke needles into me :)
    You're lucky to be starting this process from a position of strength, what with your recent marathon runs and all. Keep your sense of humor, as well as your family, friends, and loved ones close to you. Paul