Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 2

Another week closer to being cured…

Last Friday, I had a bad reaction to the clinical trial drug. I am on the highest dose for this trial and I developed a severe rash. I stopped taking the Sorafenib for one week but will be back on it tomorrow at half dose. It looks worse than it feels.

I have started my chemo treatments - today is day 2 of my first cycle. I am feeling good. I ordered "Susan D's Lunch Special" - pbj sandwich on white bread, Lay's potato chips and a Coca Cola. It hit the spot.


  1. Sounds like the lunch of champions. I'll be home next Friday. Please feel to call if I can help your family in any way.

  2. You just wait until we get home, Mike. I'm going to use my juicer to blend a carrot, celery, and beet drink for you. You're gonna love it!