Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Machine

Some days all I want is for the machine to function. By the machine I am referring to the family schedule. If I just oil everything properly, get the kids fed, out the door, walk the dog, go to work then the "mechanical" routine maintains my forward momentum. I am careful not to look back at the wake left behind by the morning routine (a messy kitchen, a table littered with dishes, towels and clothes on the floor).  Most days I can handle the job of House Manager-Scheduler-Mechanic.

Sometimes something breaks. Someone is sick and the domino effect begins. I have to slow down. Shift gears. And it alters my misguided belief that forward momentum equals progress.

Today, let progress be to sit still, nurse a sore throat and read a book to my child. Progress. So be it.


  1. I want to be a spoke or two in your mechanical gears to allow you to maintain the forward motion when you need it, but better yet, to allow you to stop and relax. Let's talk on the phone. Can you use my help tomorrow...maybe maid service, babysitter, dinner provider? I'm willing and able! I know you have had a long week dealing with the kids colds, your work and, of course, being Mike's everything!

  2. Thinking about you guys! I hope your throat feels better and that the book you are reading is a good one. Take care of yourself too, Julie. It's easy for us moms to put everybody before ourselves. xoxo~Lisa

  3. I want to say you write beautifully. I would read a book by you!