Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Room With a View

I’m sorry I haven’t written for some time. During my third chemo treatment, I had a room with a great view of downtown , Mt Hood, Mt Adams and Mt St Helens.

Here is a quick update on were things are right now. I am half way through my chemo treatments and I completed eight days of radiation. The end of this month the surgeon will remove my tumor. I have been very fortunate and haven’t felt ill from chemo or the radiation treatments. The biggest side effect for me is fatigue.

My doctor did a rough measurement and believes my tumor shrunk by 1 cm. I had an MRI today so I will know more accurate measures later this week.


  1. Mike, thank you so much for the posting. Such good news on the update--shrinkage in the right places! We hope to see you, Julie, and the kids up north before long.
    Chris and Mike Miller

  2. Mike -- Please continue to KICK CANCER'S ASS!!!!! And come visit Seattle soon! xo to your whole family ... Cathy